Sunday, April 10, 2016

Lose Weight For You!

Yosef Meystel
We see it everywhere; the TV, standing in line at the grocery story, the radio or billboards, sometimes our own children. What do we see? We see the desire to lose weight to look good, so we can wear the fashionable clothes, or to attract someone.

But what about the most important reason? For our health.
The weight-loss benefits go beyond just looking good, there are a lot of health benefits to losing weight. Yosef Meystel thinks it's important to lose weight for you!
  • Allergies and asthma. Sometimes being overweight can contribute to asthma or allergies. Shedding a few pounds can help lighten the allergy symptoms or asthma.
  • Foot pain. Losing a few extra pounds can mean less weight and/or pressure on your foot!
  • Skin. Our skin tends to ‘glow’ when we lose weight. This is because our body is getting the nutrition and the hydration that it needs.
  • Arthritis. Our weight loss and arthritis have a strong connection that’s tied to inflammation in the body. A lot of people who lose weight have noticed that their arthritis is a bit more manageable.
  • Mood. Our mood tends to improve when we lose weight because our body increases our overall well being, which lowers our risk of depression.
  • Memory. Yes! Those who lose weight have better memory.
  • Sleep. People who had lost weight had lower risk of sleep apnea and got a better night of sleep.
  • Diabetes. The correlation between Type 2 Diabetes and being overweight is incredible similar. Losing weight can be at reversing the impact of type 2 diabetes!

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