Wednesday, August 24, 2016

6 Ways To Save On Prescriptions

Rehab and nursing in Palatine ILYosef Meystel knows that we have enough to focus on in our lives than to worry about how we’re going to save on prescriptions. We have to worry about our families, jobs, financing in other areas of our life as well as dealing with the day-to-day things.

Here, Yosef Meystel has some ways that can help you save on your prescription.
  1. Talk to your doctor. Your doctor is aware of what prescriptions you are on and they rather help find their patient the proper medication than not getting a prescription filled.
  2. Shop around. Look at different pharmacies, grocery stores and online locations that can help you find the best price for your prescription. Don’t forget to look into discount programs.
  3. Sample. Ask for samples, this’ll save you some money and you will also get to find out if this prescription is right for you.
  4. Coupon cutting. Look for coupons! There are a lot of coupons out there, you just have to look.
  5. Ditch the brand. Look into the generic brand of the prescription you’re taking, that can save a lot of money each refill.
  6. Split it. Ask your doctor if they will prescribe you a higher dosage so you can split the pill. This way you don’t have to fill up as often.

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