Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Do You Know What You And Sumo Wrestlers Have In Common?

Remember all those times as a kid your parents told you not to skip breakfast? Yosef Meystel understands that we all brushed them off – c’mon, what do they know?
Well, a lot more than we do/did.
A new study found that people who skip breakfast are more likely to become obese and obtain type 2 diabetes or gain a few inches around their belly.
Researcher Andrew Odegaard, PhD, MPH, of the University Of Minnesota School Of Public Health says that having breakfast just four to six times a week may help.
One of the ways sumo wrestlers train and gain weight is by skipping breakfast. We don’t want to be sumo wrestlers, do we? (Maybe you do, if so, more power to you!)
Having regular eating habits, versus random eating, is seen to help fend off weight gain and control blood sugar.
While eating balanced meals is advised, in the study there was no breakfast food that stood out as the best.
“The findings [held true] regardless of what they ate for breakfast,” Odegaard told WebMD. Still, what you eat for breakfast clearly impacts risk of these disorders, he says.
Yosef Meystel suggests some fruit, whole wheat toast, smoothies or whole grain cereal for your breakfasts!

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