Thursday, June 9, 2016

Eat A Nutritious Breakfast

Yosef Meystel wants to know, have you ever looked at the word breakfast? Look at it: breakfast. Do you know why it’s so important? Besides the fact that breakfast meals are usually delicious, it means it’s time to break the fast (see? break – fast) and eat something. Skipping breakfast is not recommended. It’s actually recommended to eat a nutritious breakfast. Breakfasts jump start your metabolism, help wake you up and fill you up. Sumo wrestlers skip breakfast then eat all their calories the rest of the day and that’s how they pack on the pounds. Do you want to look like a sumo wrestler? If you eat breakfast but make it all sugar or too heavy you can throw off your day just as much as you would by skipping it. A caffeine-filed or sugary breakfast can lead to a crash and a heavy meal can lead to a food coma at work.
Here are some nutritious breakfast suggestions:
  • Eat lean protein. You can eat food full of lean protein such as Canadian bacon, eggs, cheese, deli meat, peanut butter or yogurt.
  • Eat whole-grain carbohydrates. Eat things such as whole-grain cereal, bread, waffles and pancakes.
  • Fruits and veggies! Top your yogurt, pancakes or cereal with fruits or add veggies to your eggs to make an omelet.
  • Prepare in advance. Mix eggs, veggies and meats in a muffin pan and bake them. Put the cooked mini omelets in the fridge and pair them in the morning with a whole-grain English muffin. It’s a quick and nutritious breakfast that you can grab on the go.

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