Friday, July 1, 2016

Being Lonely Can Hurt

Yosef Meystel knows that no one likes being lonely. Some people might like being alone, but it’s not every day you meet someone who says “I’m lonely and love it.”
Did you know, being lonely may raise a person’s risk for a decline in health, shown by two new studies Yosef Meystel read.
One study found that people who were on their own were more likely to pass away during the four years of the study, versus the people who did not live alone. It happened across cultures since people in the study were from 44 different countries.
In the second study, people who identified as lonely were 45% more likely to pass away versus those who didn’t feel isolated. Almost 23% of the lonely people passed away, compared to 14% of people who didn’t feel lonely.
It’s a hard battle, being lonely. But it’s suggested to join clubs or social events of people who have similar interests in you. If you know someone who appears to be lonely, invite them to dinner or visit them sporadically.

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