Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Exercise After Stroke

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Yosef Meystel knows that for most of our lives we’ve been told that exercise is an important part of our life, and a staple to our health. When we’re little kids it helps us grow and burn off our energy, as adults it keeps us healthy and provides many other benefits; later in life it can help us recover from strokes.
People who have suffered from strokes can improve their memory, thinking, language and judgment problems by nearly 50 percent through exercise, according to a new Canadian study. Yosef Meystel read that it is suggested that exercise should be a routine part of treatment that follows the stroke.

Serious exercise is not needed for stroke patients; mild to moderate exercise, depending on the patient, is suggested. Walking, light weights and body resistance five days a week are some good exercises to do.
“Healthy living is important for reducing your risk for stroke, recovering from stroke and preventing another,” Ian Joiner, director of stroke for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, said in the news release. “All of us should manage our risk factors for stroke and, when needed, have access to information and counseling about strategies to modify our lifestyle choices.”

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