Friday, July 8, 2016

Tips For Managing Migraines

Some of us are plagued by the horrible migraine. It can ambush you; it can be a common occurrence and can keep you from carrying out your daily tasks. Yosef Meystel wants to know,  how do you nip the problem before it becomes a problem?
Know your symptoms. If migraines are common for you, then you know the typical signs that warn you of their coming. Sometimes too much of a food, smell, etc. can trigger it – beware and limit your intake of these.
Sleep. A lot of people disregard sleep to catch up on their daily activities. Too much lack of sleep can trigger a migraine. If you maintain a regular sleep schedule, and sleep with the lights off, it’s less stress on your brain.
Eat. Skipping meals and starving yourself of vital nutrients does not help.
Exercise. If you exercise, it releases good endorphins in your body, releases stress and helps regulate sleep patterns. This reduces the frequency or severity of the migraines.
Calm down. Stress and anxiety can increase your chances for a migraine. If you feel stressed out or feel yourself getting anxious, try touching your temples, try a few breathing techniques, switch jobs if it’s a major stress contributor and lie low for an afternoon to reduce stress.
Always be prepared because migraines can strike anywhere at anytime. Carry some Advil or Tylenol with you, sometimes a small intake of caffeine can help (it could also hurt you, know whether it triggers you or not), and make sure to talk with your doctor if it becomes a prominent issue.

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